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The Nephite Explorer Project is available online at and full episodes air in Utah on KJZZ channel 14 every Sunday at 6:30PM.

Nephite Explorer TV is a weekly expedition into the scriptures in search of unlocking prophecy and modern day applications from holy writ.

The Nephite Explorer Project is presented by journalist and National Geographic photographer Ryan Fisher who travels around the world following the clues to help unlock prophecy and mysteries from the Bible, Book of Mormon and American History. Utilizing the tools and techniques of investigative journalism Ryan gathers insights from researchers, scholars, historians and archaeologists to reveal the fulfillment of prophecy like never before. The findings revealed are nothing short of astonishing as advances in science, technology, archaeology, history and scholarship all help further our understanding of some of the most important events in Christianity.

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Season One Sneak Peek

“The Remnant”

Lincoln’s Conversion





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