Timothy Ballard on The American Covenant


About the Book:

Was the founding of the United States of America a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? Did the original colonist believe that they, and their new home, America, were the “New Israel”? Did George Washington defeat the greatest military power of his day by making a covenant with God? Timothy Ballard has brought together a narrative of America that has never been told before. He has searched the depth and breadth of American history, revealing for sure about America what some Americans already knew, and many hoped to be true…. that God is the author of this nation. Many have already been touched by this incredible story of America set fort in Timothy Ballard’ book, and can more fully articulate the history, heritage, and purposes under God of this great nation. This is an incredible and very needed story of America. This book is sure to inspire and invigorate a love and a hope for this nation like never before.




  1. David Agee says:

    How can I see the video “Tim Ballard American Covenant SM3”? I’m interested to learn more about his book and research. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      I am sorry for the problem with this video. We have updated the video links. I hope this did not cause any inconvenience and that you enjoy the book and research done by Timothy Ballard in The Covenant. Anyone who is interested can get Tim Ballard’s book here: http://www.theamericancovenant.org


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